Saturday, July 30, 2011

Super Saturday

Today has been a good day. Nicholas and I have watched a number of movies, and I relocated my crafting area to the couch so I have been quite productive. Some of it was stuff like sending emails and painting my nails, but I also accomplished some business stuff. I finished the cupcake toppers and bunting I made for a 1st birthday party. 

A couple of my recent and most favorite projects are for my sister's upcoming baby shower I am hosting. I found this cute bird nest over at bump smitten, and I thought it would make a perfect start [or maybe stand alone] as a corsage for my sis. I must admit that every time I walk by mine I have to pick it up and admire it. I just think it is so cute!

A project that I have been ridiculously excited about is for Candice's existing "baby". I wanted him to look his best for the baby shower too so I made a bow tie just for him. I can't wait to try it on him!

Something else that was just for fun is this leather bracelet. I saw the original idea on Honestly WTF, and I plan on making a few more variations of this as well as more leather ones in different colors to wear together. 

I have more baby projects coming up, and I am hoping to get some paintings started soon...though it will probably be at least after we get back from Arkansas. 

*Side note: My pickles I made taste just like I remember, and I am pretty proud of them! I am on my second jar. :) 

Be happy. 


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  1. LOVE the cupcake toppers and bunting!! And I'm loving all the talk about the big baby shower. Please tell me you plan on posting EVERYTHING!