Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Currently: vol. I

I really want to get into the groove of this blogging business, but I am still struggling. I am struggling to make it all fit in a nice and neat little package along with a sporadic part-time job, freelance design work at home, house cleaning, trips to Arkansas, Etsy sales, being president of the downtown organization, church website updates, and my sanity. So to fill my desire to want to make a blog post, but feeling too overwhelmed and not knowing what to write, here is my Currently, Vol. I post. 

Thinking about: All the things I need to do. Do I try to write up a few blog posts? Clean my floors? Go buy paint for the new cabinet we bought? Work on a custom logo design? List new cards? Have a snack? Organize the files on my computer? 

Watching: Wishing I was watching Designing Women...and eating pizza.

Planning: Updates to our church's website, logo designs, greeting cards, trips to AR, t-shirt sales, lunch, Organizational meetings, the name a few.

Loving: My husband and the fact that I get to spend all weekend with him celebrating my upcoming birthday. Donuts and the new Cinderella movie? Yes, please. 

Disliking: Being cold. Saturday was such a tease, and I had big plans this week for soaking up some sun while cleaning out my horrendous flowerbeds and my car. Please bring sunshine for my birthday.

Listening: To the clock in my living room that my brother said sounds like a crazy ceiling fan. Thanks, baby brother, for making me realize how annoying that clock (that I had never even noticed before) really is.

Feeling: Cold feet. I don't mean the nervous kind, I mean my feet are cold. Always. I just need some sunshine, y'all.

Craving: Taco Salad. I have been trying to eat a lot more salads (and by a lot more I mean any salads) lately, and clearly any salad is better if it has the word taco before it.

Making: Greeting card designs and soon...taco salad.

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  1. Next time we hang out, I am bringing you Heins beef. You can eat taco salads until the cows come home, which ironically will already be the case since . . .. you know . . . beef.