Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mousepad makeover

One would think with this project that I have absolutely nothing else to do, but that is actually the opposite of the truth. I am writing this between editing photos before I go take more photos this afternoon. My house is a disaster much that I am excited to clean it tomorrow. But today I must get through photos, party supplies, wedding bunting, and maybe some dirty dishes. It is bad ya'll, really bad. So why am I wasting time making over my old, nasty mousepad when I could just buy a new one? Because sometimes a girl just needs to craft something! As you can see the before was totally disgusting. How did that thing not get thrown out when I moved?!?...twice! It has clearly been my doodle pad, and I don't know how I ignored how gross and dirty it is. Yuck. Plus, it was ugly when I brought it home [for free] from the clinic where I worked. Lots of questionable actions led up to it looking like a total nasty wreck. 

Gross. I was ashamed when I finally looked down and noticed it so I had to take action. With a little bit of bargain fabric, some mod podge, and clear coat it is now bright and cute, just as it should be. Phew. I feel better! 

Be happy!


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