Saturday, September 15, 2012

Behind much?

Holy guacamole! I just realized how long it had been since I had posted anything. I know I am always talking about how busy I am, so I won't even go into details. I have just been trying my hardest to be productive when I am home while still finding time to make a tiny bit of "me" time. I have actually been failing miserably at this until last night. I would come home from work and sit at my computer trying to work on editing photos but getting distracted, and as a result feeling totally unproductive and unaccomplished when I went to bed exhausted. Not a good yesterday after a loooong day at the bakery I decided that I could not stand to stay in the house beating myself up for not working on things. The mother-in-law and I went out for a little Chik-fil-a, 5 minutes of Hobby Lobby [we got a late start, and they closed], a quick round in Micheal's, and two different Wal-Marts. We totally wasted time looking at things we don't need, and it was just what I needed. Plus, it wasn't totally unproductive. I found some great fabric for $1.50 a yard, my Freeze It hairspray that is hard to come by these days, a Christmas stocking stuffer for the mr, and a clearance item that was just what I needed! I came home feeling refreshed and ready to take on today. 
Actually, today is just what I needed too.
1. Polaroid [free!]
2. Pumpkin Spice
3. Awesome fabric deals are my fave
4. Antlers in my house? I know...believe it.
It is not quite 70 degrees in my house, and that is just perfect for wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt, burning my pumpkin spice candle, and drinking white hot chocolate. I plan on getting these photos edited as well as some other commissioned projects, so that I can paint my nails and start a crochet project...hey, a girl can dream, right?

Be happy! 


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