Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happenings lately

It has been a productive day around here. I got really stressed over my camera not working properly so I dove into some projects that weren't even on today's to-do list. I did some cleaning in the basement, put the first coat of paint on my piano bench project, and painted and reupholstered my vanity bench. I continued to be stressed and stress-ate a bunch of chips and dip. Then I called Canon, and the super nice, helpful guy helped me fix the problem...I think. So then I got on the treadmill and kicked my personal best's booty [good thing after all those chips and dip...and the hot dog], tested out my camera some more, and put my bench back together. One large photo order and some important emails later, and I am feeling pretty good about this Saturday...and it isn't over yet!

While testing my camera I thought these shoes deserved a photo. They are awesomeness. They make my jog so much easier...okay that is bologna, but they do make my feet feel better while jogging than any other shoes ever.

This is the kinda ugly piano bench that my mother-in-law came across and gave to me. She knows I love ugly is like a challenge and very exciting to me. I especially love hate the nice gold strip just below the seat.

It has had one coat of paint, but needs another coat and some detail work. It is also super tall, and I plan to cut the legs off a little bit. 

My other bench project started out like this.

I bought this years ago at Hobby Lobby, and I remember being so proud of it. It went perfectly in my horrendous gold and black bedroom. Truth is I paid way to much for it, it is pretty tacky, and I have just grown so used to it that I didn't even notice until recently how much I hated that "Cafe" cushion. Not to mention I noticed it looked like this! 

But after some remnant upholstery fabric and a coat of dark walnut spray paint it looks like this. 

Tada! Yeah, so it is nothing amazing or anything, but I think it is an improvement. And it was free so I would say it is a success. 

What does the rest of the day look like? 
Dishes. Shower. Movie. Yarn pom poms. Accordion Wheels. Waiting hopefully for a certain email. 

Be happy! 


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