Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Check, check, check!

Monday was a very busy day of cleaning house, running errands and planting our garden! I was so excited to finally get to do that. We went last Saturday to the city market and picked up seeds. I loved the market, and I am excited to go back this weekend for some flowers. We already had a few lettuce and tomato plants that we have been trying to keep alive on the back deck. The lettuce has perked up quite a bit since we got them in the ground, but I am afraid the tomatoes will not make it. Perhaps the most exciting part of the garden was that I got to use the cute little row markers that my dad helped me make. We put them together really quickly when I was in Arkansas a few weeks ago, and after we bought seed I just painted the words with acrylic. Here is what they looked like "planted": 

[This was right after we planted so the leaves were still droopy]
[If you look in the background you can see our sad little tomato plants]

Another thing I marked off my to do list this week was a commissioned art piece. I was excited to get to work on a painting project, and I feel like I accomplished what she asked for. 

It feels good to have these things I can start more projects!!! I have a lot more work to do in the yard, and several art pieces in my mind that I am eager to work out. 
Be happy...and productive! 


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